• Techtrix Store Bloody TSX-BLDY-GC-330
  • Techtrix Store Bloody TSX-BLDY-GC-330
  • Techtrix Store Bloody TSX-BLDY-GC-330
  • Techtrix Store Bloody TSX-BLDY-GC-330

Bloody – GC-330 Gaming Chair (Black Grey)

Waistrest: Ergonomic Lumbar Pillow, Armrest: 3D Adjustable Armrest, Swing Mechanism: Yes, Height Adjustment:
Yes, Backrest Tilt Adjustment: Yes, Upholstery Material: Eco Breathable Leather, Explosion-Proof Security: Stable 4-
Star Nylon Base, Weight Restrictions: Up To 150 KGS, Color: Black+Grey, Black+Red

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Comfortable and Durable Leather

Tactilely comfort, hypoallergenic upholstery materials have a sufficient margin of safety and ensure optimal heat transfer, as well as absolute comfort throughout the entire service life.

Ergonomic Lumbar Support System

The removable headrest keeps the neck relaxed and the ergonomic lumbar pillow takes you away from lumbar paining.

Sturdy Frame Construction

Strong integrated metal frame is designed to promote a correct sitting position, it’s a ergonomic gaming chair.

Stable 4-Star Nylon Base

Cutting design nylon base, tend to be lower to the ground, maximum weight capacity is up to 150 KGS.

Seat Height Adjustable

10cm Adjustable height for multi-tasking convenience.


Waistrest: Ergonomic Lumbar Pillow
Armrest: 3D Adjustable Armrest
Swing Mechanism: Yes
Height Adjustment: Yes
Backrest Tilt Adjustment: Yes
Upholstery Material: Eco Breathable Leather
Explosion-Proof Security: Stable 4-Star Nylon Base
Weight Restrictions: Up To 150 KGS
Color: Black+Grey, Black+Red

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