• Techtrix Store Bloody TSX-BLDY-S510N-BLACK-RED-SWITCH
  • Techtrix Store Bloody TSX-BLDY-S510N-BLACK-RED-SWITCH


Bloody BLMS Customize Mechanical Switch | 1 MS Key Response | Full N-Key Rollover | Double-Shot Injection Keycaps
| Suspended Keycaps | Switch Lifetime: 50 Million Keystrokes | Switch Total Travel Distance: 4.0mm | Full Speed
Report Rate: 1000 Hz | FN Multimedia Hotkeys: FN + F1~F7 | Solid & Breathing Lighting Effect | Extra Keycaps: 13-Keys
& Keycap Puller | Screw Enhanced Space-Bar | Slanted Keycap Design | Support Bloody KeyDominator Software

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Bloody BLMS Customize Mechanical Switch

Special tuned the actuation point and actuation force to bring players an unusual game speed and feel experience

N-Key Rollover

100% Anti-ghosting with full key rollover ensures your simultaneous key commands always register.

1 MS Key Response

1 ms [Ahead Quick Step] point sending technology, 1ms button response, instant transmission, fast response.

1000Hz Report Rate

Infinite concurrent input support 1000Hz report rate enables user to perform 100% in gaming situations.

Elite Bloody Keydominator Software

Create your own macro keys with the Bloody KeyDominator software, available for downloads at bloody.com.


Connector: USB
Key Response:1 ms
Key Style: BLMS Switch
Backlit: RGB
Cable Length: 1.8 m
Key Life: Up to 50 M Keystrokes
Space-Bar: Screw Enhanced
System Requirements: Windows 7/ 8 /8.1 / 10 /11

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