FQ100031241 – 3M / Corning RJ45 K6 Jack, Cat 6, UTP, white (I/O) (COPY)


  • The FQ100031241 is a Cat 6 RJ45 jack from 3M/Corning. It is an unshielded (UTP) jack, meaning that it does not have any foil or metal shielding to protect it from electromagnetic interference (EMI). It is white in color and is designed for use with Cat 6 cabling.
  • The K6 in the product name refers to the type of keystone jack that it is. Keystone jacks are a type of modular jack that can be used with a variety of different keystone inserts, such as RJ45 jacks, USB jacks, and HDMI jacks. This makes them a versatile option for use in a variety of applications.
  • The Cat 6 designation means that the jack is capable of supporting gigabit Ethernet speeds (up to 1Gbps). This makes it a good choice for use in home and office networks where high-speed data transfer is required.

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