N101.11ECGG – Essential-6 Patch Cord Category 6 Unscreened PVC Light Grey Boot 1m


  • Category 6: This means that the patch cord is suitable for Gigabit Ethernet applications, supporting data transfer speeds of up to 1 Gbps.
  • Unscreened: This means that the patch cord does not have a metal shield to protect it from electromagnetic interference (EMI). Unscreened patch cords are typically less expensive than screened patch cords, but they may be more susceptible to EMI.
  • PVC light grey boot: The boot is the part of the patch cord that covers the connector. This patch cord has a light grey PVC boot. PVC is a common type of plastic that is durable and affordable.
  • 1 meter: This is the length of the patch cord. 1 meter is a common length for patch cords, and it is a good choice for most applications.
  • Light grey: This is the color of the patch cord. Light grey is a common color for patch cords, and it can blend in with most network equipment.

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