• TP-Link Tapo L900-5 Smart WiFi LED Strip in Pakistan
  • Tapo L900 Multi-color strip

TP-Link Tapo L900-5 Smart WiFi Light Strip, Flexible Installation of Networking Device

About The Gear:

Brand: TP-Link

Model: Tapo L900

Recommended For: Indoor Ambiance 

Product Description:

Tapo L900 is a smart WiFi LED strip light of TP-Link. It has the power to brighten up your life with its multi-color set and Voice control feature. Its wind down at night feature along with flexible installation makes it a good option for LED strips for TP-Link Pakistan. 

TP-Link L900 Smart WiFi Light Strip Key Features:

  • Multi-color set
  • Away mode
  • Wind down at night
  • Dimmable
  • Energy saving

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Comparison with Similar TP-Link Smart LED Strip:

Feature TP-Link Tapo L900 TP-Link Tapo L920
Device Type Smart LED Light Strip Smart LED Light Strip
Length Available in 5m Available in 5m
LED Type RGB RGBIC (Individually Addressable)
Color Options 16 million colors 16 million colors

Warranty & Support

Product Warranty Information:

Check out the official TP-Link website for the warranty of the listed product.


Q1: What is the difference between L900 and L920?

A: The L900 is NOT water-resistant; For the Tapo L920, only the light strip part supports IP44 which can be mounted in a humid environment.

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